Development of a Resource Recovery Order & Exemption

March 9th, 2020

Metech Consulting was approached by a company seeking large quantities of fill material to rehabilitate and revitalise a historic industrial facility in the Illawarra region, with minimal funding to do so.

Metech developed a solution to enable the importation of materials derived from off-site sources.

Under the provisions of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014, the NSW EPA has the authority to grant Resource Recovery Exemptions which allow for specific types of waste to be used for purposes other than disposal, where it can be demonstrated that the use of the material is a bona-fide, fit-for-purpose, reuse opportunity.

Metech prepared an application for a Specific Resource Recovery Exemption on behalf of our client, which was subsequently approved through Metech’s successful negotiation and agreement with the NSW EPA.  The Exemption was designed to enable our client to receive material from various off-site sources based on specific physical and chemical property requirements.

The importation process has been successfully implemented over the past year, providing our client with both the materials needed to revitalise previously redundant assets at the facility and a revenue stream through the importation of fill materials.

Metech’s solution enabled our client to realise future commercial opportunities, as well as providing excellent environmental outcomes by circumventing the material from landfill through genuine, best-practice waste minimisation.

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