Waste Classification

Metech Consulting offer waste classification services in accordance with the Waste Classification Guidelines (NSW EPA, 2014), as well as VENM and ENM Certification.

Stringent regulation applies to the waste industry and the effective management of waste can be critical to the successful delivery of a project. Metech Consulting have extensive technical expertise in providing effective waste management services across a range of industries, including construction, infrastructure development, roads & rail and industrial and municipal landfills.

Our waste management services include:

  • Waste Classification: Provides classification of the types of waste(s) present, including the issue of a certificate certifying the classification of the waste in accordance with the NSW EPA Waste Classification Guidelines. This certificate is required to facilitate disposal of the waste to landfill.
  • VENM Certification: Assessment to certify that uncontaminated soils excavated as part of a development are virgin excavated natural materials. A VENM certificate allows waste to be reused for beneficial purposes or disposed to landfill at cheaper rates.
  • ENM Certification: Assessment to excavated soils from a development / construction site to determine whether they satisfy the requirements of the Excavated Natural Materials Resource Recovery Exemption. Similar to VENM, once the materials are certified as ENM, they can be reused for beneficial purposes or disposed to landfill at cheaper rates.
  • Waste Management Plans: Preparation of waste management plans to satisfy Development Application (DA) consent conditions relating to the management of waste during construction.
  • Resource Recovery Exemption (RRE) development, refinement and compliance programs
  • Landfill management & monitoring
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